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Panzerfabrik by its simplest definition means “tank factory”.  We build and operate reproduction WWII German armor. Our crowning achievement thus far is our reproduction Panzer III tank, which we built from the ground up. It has been featured in four films to date and has been taken to re-enacting events, conventions, and trade shows all over the country. Our next dream is to build a Panzer IV. Are you game?


Panzerfabrik captures the essence of this small German panzer group by employing its Pz.Kpfw III ausf. J (Panzer III) and its Sd.Kfz 251-1 ausf. C (Half-track). More than merely recreating these armored vehicles in an authentic, physical way, we seek to recreate the essence of the Panzerwaffe (Panzer Force).  We correctly render the composition and demeanor of a small panzer unit by putting forth an accurate assembly of vehicles, men, support equipment, weapons, and uniforms all as would have been during wartime 1943-1945.

We shape and utilize this armored unit for our own pleasure and for the enjoyment of others who appreciate such things.  We also provide commercial rental and appearance services for film, television, live theatrical, educational and promotional productions. See our services for more information. Whether it be for a movie scene, to attract attention at a trade show, or to hunt American tanks, you can count on Panzerfabrik to do it professionally and do it right. It’s expensive, but we bring a big bang for the buck – literally.

We deliver what we promise, and we are always:

  • On time
  • Prepared
  • Accurate
  • Informed of and compliant with the rules of the venue
  • Appropriate to the audience

Panzerfabrik is located in Western Colorado, but we will travel anywhere for an interesting and worthwhile event.  We are mobile and can arrange our own shipping and logistics.

Take some time and look over this site, comment and ask us any questions you have.