Another Luchs update!

PzKpfw II Luchs progress: Starting to paint. All these things will never look better than they do now. Wheels are starting to take shape. They’re going to be cool but each one is a project in itself.

10361453_1055421021135037_8407435138548698160_n 11051744_1055421057801700_34330822157292710_n 11218886_1055421037801702_4173794286344107700_n 11751840_1055421181135021_4097545039620198859_n 11755734_1055421117801694_5275553629258165148_n 11760231_1055421207801685_6815386909710947622_n 11781869_1055421241135015_3717645335807137306_n 11800530_1055421137801692_9151495503318544399_n


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