Big “Luchs” update!

Here are some progress pictures of the Panzerspähwagen II Ausf. L “Luchs”. Drive train in and adding floor. fuel tank, trans cooler, differential cooler, radiator are mounted. Steering and shifter is 95% Getting ready to tackle the wheels. Thats the big hurdle on this one. WHEEEEEELs wavy Luchs wheels.1150461_1031754446835028_3428375742157423144_o1275859_1032387723438367_234350245741863995_o  1599862_1031754413501698_6542259274291618750_o 1978458_1032387726771700_2488471160373485825_o 10411743_1031754423501697_4899710940377152705_n 10606529_1031754546835018_6101785739185996551_n 11064745_1032387733438366_7101903197293898975_o    11206853_1031754530168353_3724133352019617093_o    11402584_1031754436835029_1218706637892668695_o   11412121_1031754550168351_1376900617239806292_o 11415506_1032387736771699_2585465657850149958_o

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