Early Post War German Field Kitchen *** WWII Style *** Reenactment *** Display

Gulaschkanone !!!!  ***  Late WWII style, early post war, German field kitchen.  Date of manufacture is unknown so assume that its Post War.  Works great for WWII Reenactment or displays.   Brought to USA in approximately 2005.  Kitchen was disassembled and damaged components restored or rebuilt.  Modified for propane use.  Original firebox and heat vent system is modified to fix propane burners directly underneath cooking compartments.  Look at photos for condition and ask any questions.  Assume some tinkering to get propane heating just like you like it.   On multiple occasions this kitchen has successfully fed approximately 50+ men at one meal.

Dont miss your chance.   Low opening bid price….    There aren’t many of these in the U.S. and they rarely, rarely, come available.  This is your chance to set up a field kitchen operation and feed good soup to the group.  
Buyer to pay shipping.  I can help organize and load but buyer pays all shipping cost.  Item must be paid in full and all funds cleared before shipping.  PayPal is accepted.  or…  Contact me for payment methods to pay on pick-up.

BID HERE ->   http://www.ebay.com/itm/232200208899?ul_noapp=true

LUCHS! We have a LUCHS!

OKAY!!!! Here is the NEW baby. Panzerfabrik’s copy of the Panzer II “Luchs” (Lynx)…. This Panzerfabrik “Luchs”, numbered 4122, is the shadow of surviving 4121 that sits on display in Bovington, England. Only 18 months of construction plus 6 months of pre-planning, a whole lot of sweat, a boat load of cash……. and voila!!!!

We have taken great effort to accurately reproduce all aspects of this Panzer. The scale is 1 to 1 and the vehicle is fully functional with simulated weapons. It’s painted and marked as it would have been seen serving the 1/Pz.Aufk.Abt. 9 (9th Panzer Div) in Normandy August 1944.

The WWII German light scout tank, PzKpfw II ausf. L, incorporates many technical advancements of the day and was intended to move fast and loose to find the enemy then report back. There were only 100 Luchs built and only 2 survive today. One is on display in Bovington, England and the other on Display in Saumer, France.

What a sexy little beast.

Its ready to be put to work………

If you are interested in having us build you a duplicate, message us and we can talk. Ive collected all the impossible-to-find parts for a 2nd copy. Or we could box it all up and supply you with a kit, —complete with instructions and drawings.

So here is the debut. we hope you enjoy.

It’s coming together!

[June 6th, 2016] We got the major pieces fastened back together so that some interior features could be built. Finally there’s something to look at. It almost looks like a panzer II Luchs. Most all of the exterior detail pieces are built, in primer, and waiting to be reassembled and then painted. This primer looks more red in the photos than it actually is. In real life it looks the correct color red oxide.


Cast Steel Scoop

[April 30th, 2016] Cast steel scoop.. Pattern taken from the Bovington pzkpfw II Luchs. Modeled and cast by our friends at panzer-farm.pl. Check them out www.facebook.com/panzerfarm give them a like and if you are really feeling energetic, send them a message thanking them for this contribution. They put a lot of work into the scoop. Without it, it’s not a Luchs.


Luchs Main Gun!

OK all you followers….we know many of you are chomping at the bit to see a main gun in the Luchs. Without further delay…. Presto!

Simulated oxygen propane cannon for the Luchs

[April 19th, 2016] Simulated oxygen propane cannon for the Luchs. It’s a hybrid m2hb / 2,cm – oxygen propane simulator. Barrel is exact copy of the correct 20 millimeter Flak barrel taken from an original. A modified Ma deuce barrel will slide inside it. The ultimate in versatility. In time we will make an accurate simulated 20 millimeter fake receiver to house the oxygen propane guts. But for now the Browning look will have to do temporarily.

Fenders and details

[April 13th, 2016] Fenders… finished and a lot of the accessories mounted. Then it has to come back apart.


[March 15th, 2016] FENDERS…. found 16 gauge pre-made fenders. The radius of the bend was correct. So now they are getting modified a little and added to the creation.

Luchs like a Luchs!

[March 3rd, 2016] PzKpfw II ausf. L “Luchs” Build Update. Since we put the turret together and mounted it on the chassis we have been stuck detailing it. It takes as long to make a hinge as it does to assemble the the big plates of the turret itself. Finally, its almost complete on the outside. The periscopes turn 360 degrees…. smooth as silk. The commanders hatch and flare gun hatch with hinges are little works of art. And note the antenna mount. Working on the back door hinges now and waiting for our Oxy-Propane 2,cm auto cannon simulator to get here so we can mount it into the mantlet. There’s a bit of a surprise twist to where we are going with he cannon simulator. You’ll have to wait to see how that unfolds. Threw in a few of the kick ass repro parts we had scored. Bosch headlights and Feuerlöscher bracket.