PzKpfw IV ausf. H

Assembly Has Begun on the PzKpfw IV

March 2nd, 2013 assembly began on the PzKpfw IV ausf H. project.  The genesis of the perfection, the masterpiece.

Ive been rounding up material and parts for about 4 years and in serious planning and drawing for the last 6 months.  The urge to build a second panzer began days after the first one was complete enough to start playing with.  After a lot of prep, the actual sparks began March 2, exactly 10 years behind the beginning of the Panzer III.

We hope to have it built in two years where it took us 6 years to build the Panzer III.  We are smarter, and have a better grip on how to approach things.  I will have a lot more cutting done by CNC plasma and water jet.  That alone will cut a huge amount of time out of the curve.

Stay tuned.  We are documenting this build in a very thorough way.  Photos, video and we will be blogging the progress, problems and pain.