Luchs like a Luchs!

[March 3rd, 2016] PzKpfw II Ausf. L “Luchs” Build Update. Since we put the turret together and mounted it on the chassis we have been stuck detailing it. It takes as long to make a hinge as it does to assemble the big plates of the turret itself. Finally, it’s almost completely on the outside. The periscopes turn 360 degrees…. smooth as silk. The commander’s hatch and flare gun hatch with hinges are little works of art. And note the antenna mount. Working on the back door hinges now and waiting for our Oxy-Propane 2 cm, autocannon simulator to get here so we can mount it into the mantle. There’s a bit of a surprise twist to where we are going with he cannon simulator. You’ll have to wait to see how that unfolds. Threw in a few of the kick-ass repro parts we had scored. Bosch headlights and Feuerlöscher bracket.