Panzer IV Build

* Lost in Hull detail and preparing kickoff of Aufbau  *

Week # 10 and 11

I missed posting week # 10 so it gets combined with week #11.  In the last 2 weeks we visited Canada to study the aufbau of the Flak Panzer IV “Wirblewind”,  we continued to add to the Panzer IV J hull and one of us (me) suffered the flu for a full 7 days.

While our reproduction hull sits in the construction table it will be easier to jump ahead and build the aufbau now.  The hull is level and flat and with some little supports added we won’t have to assemble the aufbau while it hangs out in space.

The aufbau is a troublesome piece because, although it looks rectangular, its not.  Most all of the surfaces are at slight angles.  This makes it difficult to wrestle the overall piece into documentation so that all the dimensions and angles agree.

No way to draw this accurately without going to Canada and auditing the real thing.

Where else can we go and find the appropriate aufbau sitting on wood blocks waiting to be drawn.

Ausf. J mid production panzer aufbau that was later reconditioned into a Flakfierling “Wirblewind”.   The original Panzer was knocked out and then re-built.  Its the perfect aufbau for us to study.

Looks familiar huh?  Panzer IV J hull inside and outside.  Compare to our reproduction hull.   Spot on !!!

These little pipes will hold up the aufbau in the initial construction.  The sides hang outside the hull and will have to float in space until the structure is established.  Being contained in the build table will be a huge help.

It was pointed out to me while in Canada that the brace I just built (left photo) was backwards.  Poo !!!  I hate it when I do that.  So with some flipping and flopping we rebuilt it correctly (photo on right).  No harm,,, no foul.  This piece guides the cooling vent pipe up an out on the drivers side of the aufbau.

Michael assembled some reproduction sub assemblies.  Three exhaust pipe shields and 4 side braces for the mounting of the idler mechanisms.

Finally got the floor brace straightened and installed.  It is stitch welded and riveted.  The rivets will have to wait until we remove the hull form the table.

The story of the crazy transmission frame that sits in the nose.  Jon was assigned this job.  Its the most complicated and skill demanding piece he will have made to date.

Raw material…  Of the two original examples we have we chose the one with the holes.  It looks kinda “hot rod”.  Why not make it complex?

“Lets see… 6 plus 4 is, errrr  8.

After much work…

Corner brace is looking good.   A bit of Michael’s assembly

Received the replacement PTO clutch housing.  I’m gonna make some magic with this little jewel.

Until next time.  The ball continues to bounce.  I am busy AutoCAD’ing.  It will be aufbau in the nearest future.

Check out the progress on the Nashorn restoration.  As you know it burned recently and the team has worked overtime and it have it somewhat caught up.  Check out their YouTube channel [Click Here] to see it run again.