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Early Post War German Field Kitchen *** WWII Style *** Reenactment *** Display

Gulaschkanone! Late WWII style, early post-war, German field kitchen.  Date of manufacture is unknown so assume that its Post War.  Works great for WWII Reenactment or displays.   Brought to the USA in approximately 2005.

LUCHS! We have a LUCHS!

OKAY! Here is the NEW baby. Panzerfabrik's copy of the Panzer II "Luchs" (Lynx)... This Panzerfabrik "Luchs", numbered 4122, is the shadow of surviving 4121 that sits on display in Bovington, England. Only 18 months of construction plus 6 months of pre-planning, a whole lot of sweat, a boatload of cash....... and voila!

It's coming together!

We got the major pieces fastened back together so that some interior features could be built. Finally, there's something to look at. It almost looks like a Panzer II Luchs. Most all of the exterior detail pieces are built, in primer, and waiting to be reassembled and then painted. This primer looks redder in the photos than it actually is. In real life, it looks the correct color red oxide.

Cast Steel Scoop

Cast steel scoop. The pattern took from the Bovington pzkpfw II Luchs. Modeled and cast by our friends at Check them out give them alike and if you are really feeling energetic, send them a message thanking them for this contribution. They put a lot of work into the scoop. Without it, it's not a Luchs.

Luchs Main Gun!

OK, all you followers....we know many of you are chomping at the bit to see a main gun in the Luchs. Without further delay... Presto!