Panzerfabrik News

Luchs Main Gun!

OK, all you followers....we know many of you are chomping at the bit to see a main gun in the Luchs. Without further delay... Presto!

Simulated oxygen propane cannon for the Luchs

Simulated oxygen propane cannon for the Luchs. It's a hybrid m2hb / 2, cm - oxygen propane simulator. The barrel is an exact copy of the correct 20-millimeter Flak barrel taken from an original. A modified Ma deuce barrel will slide inside it. The ultimate in versatility. In time we will make an accurate simulated 20-millimeter fake receiver to house the oxygen propane guts. But for now, the Browning look will have to do temporarily.

Fenders and details

Fenders... finished and a lot of the accessories mounted. Then it has to come back apart.


FENDERS…. found 16 gauge pre-made fenders. The radius of the bend was correct. So now they are getting modified a little and added to the creation.

Luchs like a Luchs!

PzKpfw II Ausf. L “Luchs” Build Update. Since we put the turret together and mounted it on the chassis we have been stuck detailing it. It takes as long to make a hinge as it does to assemble the big plates of the turret itself.


Slowly making the turret look more like a turret! We had to make our own bearings to accommodate the gun mantle...round stock and D.O.M. pipe fo the pieces and kept a .002" tolerance! Swivels like a champ! Added the gunner's side vision port and two of the four lifting hooks.

Turret, look a turret!

We have a turret! Still need to finish few things but its looking good!

Look a Luchs!

It's starting to look super..structure! Won't be long and a turret will be sitting in that small weird angled hole...wait...I mean that big round hole!! Also, a small piece of the upcoming Pz IV build.

Luchs - details!

Steel for the rest of the Panzer II Luchs was delivered today. All pre-cut by CNC plasma. So now it is like a big model kit. All we need to do is put it together. It will be easy. Ha!