Panzerfabrik News

Turret, look a turret!

We have a turret! Still need to finish few things but its looking good!

Look a Luchs!

It's starting to look super..structure! Won't be long and a turret will be sitting in that small weird angled hole...wait...I mean that big round hole!! Also, a small piece of the upcoming Pz IV build.

Luchs - details!

Steel for the rest of the Panzer II Luchs was delivered today. All pre-cut by CNC plasma. So now it is like a big model kit. All we need to do is put it together. It will be easy. Ha!

PzKpfw II ausf. L "Luchs" FIRST RIDE

Today we took out the Panzer II "Luchs" for its first ride. Everything went well. Suspension, wheels, sprockets engine all worked. Test---- Passed! Now on to making it look like what its supposed to look like.

Luchs build!

Luchs build. Screens made and mounted. Rear deck is pretty well done. Needs hinges and tow cable holding clips. Fighting compartment is drawn and ready to be cut. Picking color. I like the color we started with but it's too glossy. Here are some other choices of RAL 7028

Luchs updates yet again !!

The armor caps for the rear lid are done and the engine deck is just about complete. The screens need frames to be finished and hinges on the doors are almost done.

Hallelujah! We have Luchs Wheels!

Hallelujah!!!! On the way home with rubber on the PzKpfw II Luchs wheels. Making these wheels have been such an adventure I am sobbing with happiness

More Luchs Wheels!

Old news. This was the final version of Luchs wheels.