Panzerfabrik News


Wheels are fixed and will be off for rubber soon. The machine shop faced the hub face so that its Square to the plane of the wheel. Then the wheels were Lathed to spin true and not wobble. The fix worked perfectly and they are exactly the way they need to be. Will be moving on to the electrical system soon and bummer.... we have to add a second radiator. So that will mean a little rework on the ass end.

Panzer II Luchs progress!

Panzer II Luchs progress... wheels are the devil. They look good but they wobble. Bummer. More work to straighten them out. We will all be older than dirt by the time they are done. Engine is back in and looks beautiful. Tub & drivetrain are things of beauty.

MORE! Luchs !

PzKpfw II ausf.L. Luchs progress. Buried in the wheels. Finally, have a working prototype for the inner wheel. See it compared to an original Luchs wheel. Dave is painting, detailing, and assembling the tub. International Harvester engine painted in Maybach colors. Beautiful!

Another Luchs update!

PzKpfw II Luchs progress: Starting to paint. All these things will never look better than they do now. Wheels are starting to take shape. They're going to be cool but each one is a project in itself.

Luchs update!

Getting ready to do some painting. Maybe the PzKpfw II "Luchs" will start looking different.

Big "Luchs" update!

Here are some progress pictures of the Panzerspähwagen II Ausf. L "Luchs". The drivetrain is in and adding a floor. fuel tank, trans cooler, differential cooler, radiator are mounted. Steering and shifter are 95% Getting ready to tackle the wheels. That's the big hurdle on this one. WHEEEEEELs wavy Luchs wheels.

Progress on the Panzer II Luchs

Progress on the Panzer II Luchs. Still working on drive train and the protection of the crew.

Work continues!

And work continues on all of the vehicles! Check out the Luchs tub coming's starting to look like a tank! And the Lynx received a makeover!

More Luchs updates!

The Luchs build is moving right along!

Panzer II ausf. L. "Luchs" Project

Alongside our Panzer IV project, we are now working on building a replica Panzer II Ausf. L. "Luchs"