Panzerfabrik News

Luchs update!

Getting ready to do some painting. Maybe the PzKpfw II "Luchs" will start looking different.

Big "Luchs" update!

Here are some progress pictures of the Panzerspähwagen II Ausf. L "Luchs". The drivetrain is in and adding a floor. fuel tank, trans cooler, differential cooler, radiator are mounted. Steering and shifter are 95% Getting ready to tackle the wheels. That's the big hurdle on this one. WHEEEEEELs wavy Luchs wheels.

Progress on the Panzer II Luchs

Progress on the Panzer II Luchs. Still working on drive train and the protection of the crew.

Work continues!

And work continues on all of the vehicles! Check out the Luchs tub coming's starting to look like a tank! And the Lynx received a makeover!

More Luchs updates!

The Luchs build is moving right along!

Panzer II ausf. L. "Luchs" Project

Alongside our Panzer IV project, we are now working on building a replica Panzer II Ausf. L. "Luchs"

Panzer Fabrik visits Bovington 2.0

Panzer Fabrik is back over in the UK to take a look at the Luchs tank to get measurements and references for our own reproduction Luchs!  The Bovington Tank Museum was awesome enough to let us take a look inside their pristine Luchs and then invited us to come climb inside their Tiger!

Thunder over Utah Living History Event

We will be in St. George, Utah the weekend of July 25th - 27th to participate in the Thunder Over Utah Living History event. We will be bringing our Gaz --> Stöwer Type 40, our OT-810 --> SdKfz 251 ausf. C, and our newly upgraded Panzer III ausf J.

Panzerfabrik Article in the Armor Journal

This month we were published in the first issue of The Armor Journal. In the article, we discuss the 6th road wheel project, why we only put 5 road wheels on the tank in the first place, and what made us decide now was the time to do the upgrade. Click here to download the magazine! 

The April 2014 Photo Contest is Here!

Visit our Facebook page to see the latest trivia question to answer in order to get your name entered in this contest! Click the link below to learn more.