Panzerfabrik News

Had to plasma cut off the fake rubber leaving behind what was to be the new base for the wheel

Return Roller Upgrade

After George AFB event the baby was in need of some tender loving…

Great Time at George AFB

May 4th and 5th we spent killing Ami's in an urban setting.  A totally vacant old Air Force Base.  It was spooky.  This was the first event to be held at George.  If you missed it, you missed a very unique experience.   Watch the video

Panzer III Gets Ready to Fight

On May 1st we will roll toward California to do battle with the Panzer III against Sherman tanks, Stuart tanks and M8 armored cars.  We will be fighting along side a Hetzer and several SdKfz 251 halftracks.
PzKpfw IV ausf. H

Assembly Has Begun on the PzKpfw IV

March 2nd, 2013 assembly began on the PzKpfw IV ausf H. project.  The genesis of the perfection, the masterpiece.

Panzerfabrik Launches Web Site

For about a year we have had a place holder for a page at  With the help of Flexiss we are kicking off our new shiny website/blog.  Plans are to keep expanding it and developing a rich entertaining website.